Customer Testimonials for Jadta Fine Cars Inc.

Heartic - Daughter's First Car

I bought my daughter her first car and she loves it! Jack took pictures of us and even had a bow on it to surprise her! Will be back when its time for me to get a new car.

Mike Evanusa - Treat you like Family

Love dealing with them there treat u like family

Mikey Benson - Very friendly Nice Cars

Very friendly and helpful. Very nice selection of vehicles at decent prices

Lisa - Helped fix my credit

I purchased a car from Jadta in December 2014 with less than perfect credit. But they made it possible . They have enabled me to build my credit back up while at the same time owning a new awesome car. This company is wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a quality used car

No Confusion or Pressure - Love My Subaru

I purchased my Subaru from Jacki, and it was a wonderful experience. Being a woman, I felt far more comfortable dealing with a woman and she laid out the finance information very clearly. No confusion and no awkward pressure. I have one getting his license in two years and I'm def going back here to get him his first car. Thanks Jacki.

Karen - Couldn't be happier with my Jeep!!!

I met with Artie Jr, he was very informative, not intimidating, and put no pressure on me to buy. I took the weekend to decide, and glad I bought from them, very satisfied and I love my Jeep. Thanks!

Super Service - Replaced missing Owner's Manusl

I bought a truck from Artie Jr. He was very easy to work with and seemed to pay attention to every detail. I realized that there was no owners manual when I got it home. Artie had one sent right to my house, no return trip necessary. Great experience! 

Ricky - Drove 2 hours for a Honda

I purchased a Honda that I found was a pleasant experience, and there was no pressure at all. I live almost 2 hours from them, but I'll def buy from Jadta again.

No Pressure - First Used Car

I bought my first "used" car from Artie and I was nervous being that I have only leased new cars for most of my life. He was very nice and I felt no pressure to buy anything from him or Jadta. Ultimately, after visiting other stores, I had to come back here. I felt very comfortable and loved the Nissan that I test drove. Thank you Artie and everyone at Jadta. 

Brian - Daughter's First Car

We had a great experience buying a car for our daughter. Jadta was very informative and super easy to work with. The car was beautiful and a great value. We would definitely buy another car from Jadta

Very Pleased - 5 Stars !!!!!

I purchased a Nissan Rogue here late last year and it was a great buying experience. I wanted to wait on a review just so I can spend some time behind the wheel. I don't really play cds, but I needed to listen to one for work, and I found out it didn't work. It's been about 4 months, so I figured i was out of luck, but I called anyway. I spoke with Artie and he advised me that a CD player isn't under warranty, but to my surprise, he agreed to get me another radio and install it for free!!!!!!! I was thrilled, and I have to say that I've never been treat so well at any other dealer. That includes new car purchases as well. I've purchased 6 new cars in my life, and I can tell you they go by the specific details of that warranty coverage down to the letter. Very impressed, Artie and Jacki are doing it right and standing by their customer, you have earned a buyer for life at Jadta. Thank you

Chris Lordi - Pleasure Doing Business

Purchased a vehicle from Artie Jr. It was a pleasure doing business with Artie and Jadta Corp. Will do business with them again in the future.

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